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Playing Possum | Still Smokin'

Playing Possum is a three-piece folk punk band from Saint Louis, Missouri.

FFO: Andrew Jackson Jihad, Frank Turner

I haven’t heard from these guys in a long time so it’s really cool to see that they’re still doing music. Still Smokin’ is their first release in almost a year, and it is…

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look, ash, i wish i could tell you what the deal is with those two, i really do
like, one time i walked in on them in a supply room in just their underwear and i was sure that i had finally cracked the jessie and james case
but actually they had just tied their clothes into a rope so that they could escape an upper level room they had accidentally locked themselves in.
they had, of course, ended up in another room locked from the outside. i think they were trying to use their meowth's forehead coin to reflect sunlight into a morse code distress signal
anyways im sending out my rhydon next